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Two-handed Fly Rods for Trout

Why Two-handed Rods for Trout

Two-handed Fly Rod Trout Channels



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Two-handed Fly Rods for Trout Benefits

                        Eliminates unnecessary false casting

                    Little or no back-casting room is needed

                 Less fatigue

              Fly stays in the water longer

 Channel Features

  • Our Channels are interactive with playlists of video for quick viewer access. You don't have to fast forward through an entire video to find information on your specific equipment needs or requirements.

  • Our Casting titles allow you to  chose the technique or problem areas of the cast for review  convenience.

Jeff Putnam's Fly Fishing Schools

  • Jeff Putnam, a Training Specialist in single-handed and two-handed fly casting techniques is actively involved in this next evolution of light weight 3 - 6 WT two-handed fly rods used on rivers and streams for trout fishing.

A Fly Fishing Video Resource

We strive to test and review the latest manufacturer new products as they come available to provide you with the latest information of how products perform in the field environment and In-Action.


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