Two-Handed Fly Rod System Setups


Two-handed Trout Rod System Setups

 Typical Fly Fisherman's Investment

$125 per hour for Spey casting lessons
$200 plus for lines, heads, sink tips, leaders & tippet

. . .your setup is still not working!

Instead of buying more two handed fly lines, sink tips and leaders
 just to find out that they’re too difficult to cast,  making it impossible to turn
over the leader and fly, or even worse the line you just bought
won’t work for dead drifting or swinging methods

The Two-Handed Fly Rod Channel & Systems Setups
will help you make the right choice when deciding on two handed
rod equipment,  spey casting and how to catch more fish.

"Learn how to perfect your Setup, your Technique and Catch more fish . . . more often!"    

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    System Setups  media applies to both trout & steelhead fishing  
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  7-Days - $4.99

 Whether you're Dead Drifting Indicator Nymphing,


           Stripping a Streamer . . . or


                   Swinging a Dry Fly


Using a lightweight two-handed fly rod for trout has quickly become the preferred method among anglers and for good reason . . .   

As a full time professional instructor specializing in single-hand & two-handed fly casting and fishing lessons, I'm asked daily "what's the right system setup & techniques to catch trout with a two-handed fly rod..


System Setups Media Listing


The Rod Built for Swinging

Switch Rod Switch Spey Dead Drift rifting

Switch Rod Switch Chucker

Switch Rod Swinging Scandi

Switch Rod Swinging Skagit

Spey Rod Swinging Scandi

Spey Rod Swinging Skagit

Gary Anderson Custom Rod 11' 7" 3wt

MOW Tips Grain & Float Ratings

MOW Tips Configuration

MOW Tips Misconception

Why won't my fly line turn over with my setup

Why is my fly line making a popping sound when I cast

Leader facts when using ANY floating line


Special Features


Latest Setups for Switch Rod "Switch Spey" & "Switch Chucker" lines 


System setup configuration

On-river product in-action footage

Configuration & presentations for

Upstream dead drift nymphing

Downstream dead drifting dry flies

Swinging down & across dry flies.

and downstream a dry Fe

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