I Already Have an Account, but Can't Login



When you purchase something with Cleeng it is stored in your personal Library on www.cleeng.com so you can access the item anytime, anywhere. You just need to log-in to access your account using any web enabled device.

 For example:

- When you rent a video for 7-days on your home computer, you can continue to watch it on your iPad later. 

- With wireless connectivity you now have the option to review your fly fishing media on your mobile devices while commuting or even at the river's edge in metro areas.

Our streaming portal differs from Youtube, with inapropriate advertising and many conflicting fly instructional presentations, but provides you with an interactive format where you can review media that is consistent presented by a certified instructor and consultant with major rod manufacturers in the industry.

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 Video Anytime
Anywhere Access

Your issue: I already have an account, but can't login  

Please check the following:

- When trying to log-in, please ensure that you are using the same email address used when you created the Cleeng account.

- When you first signed up you could use your Facebook, Google or Yahoo account, the easiest way to log-in is to use the same account you initially signed up with. 

- Ensure you are on the Log-in screen (and not the Register screen).



PC - FireFox, IE, Chrome
Apple Devices - Safari
Android Devices Chrome



Alternatively you can go to https://cleeng.com/my-account and log-in there. Once logged in you have access to your personal Library. Click on an any item that you purchased, and automatically you are redirected to the original webpage.

More Troubleshooting Solutions

1. If you are definitely using the proper email and password, do a hard refresh (by pressing Ctrl + F5 at the same time before attempting to log in).
2. Try clearing cookies and cache from your browser before attempting to log in. Here's how to
3. Try resetting your password from here https://cleeng.com/my-account
4. If nothing else works, try logging in on a different computer from a different IP address. If multiple computers cannot log in from the same direct connection to a modem, it may indicate an issue with your ISP
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